Social Media

The explosion in the use of the Internet and Social Media in an overall advertising and marketing campaign has revolutionized the way a company can communicate its message to customers. At SRI, we can help you maximize your web presence in the following areas:

The interactivity of the web and the options for two-way communication that Social Media provides are expanding all the time. Let SRI keep you connected to this vital market.

Facebook Development

Of all the Social Media options available to a company, Facebook is far and away the number one “must have.” Facebook is where you can post any messages, photos, videos or other information you want to share. It’s also a great place to interact with your customers, giving timely responses to their questions and queries. And every time a customer “likes” your Facebook page, that endorsement is posted to every one of their friends. We can develop and manage compelling Facebook content that mirrors and extends your website.

Twitter Management

Unlike Facebook, where you can share an unlimited amount of information, Twitter limits posts to 124 characters per “Tweet.” This allows you to send your customers quick, brief and very focused announcements about sales, company news or special events. At SRI, we can monitor and manage your corporate Twitter feed.

Blog Content Generation

Writing a Web Log or “Blog” about your business and posting it on a regular basis is a great way to reach new customers. When a potential customer does a web search whose key words match your business category, your blog can become a prominent link in the search results. Let us create, optimize and manage this content for you.

Web Video Management

Having a YouTube channel or other Web Video presence and posting videos about your business can be a relatively inexpensive and highly effective way to educate customers and future customers about your products or services and to extend the reach of your website.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Tapping in to Facebook’s sophisticated algorithms for analyzing the contents of any Facebook page allows your ad to immediate appear on the pages of potential customers. With this opportunity to target advertising on Facebook, you can quickly expand your customer base and grow your company.

Social Media Monitoring

Tracking your growth and progress on Social Media helps you to use this marketing tool more efficiently and effectively. By monitoring and analyzing click thrus, hits and likes, we can provide you with the information you need to ramp up and maximize your corporate presence in Social Media.