Auction Advertising

For over 20 years, SRI Advertising has specialized in finding the perfect marketing solution for auctioneers. We are experts in auction advertising. We target auction customers and optimize your results through our expert use of:

We know what you need. We speak your language. And we get buyers to your auctions.

Advertising Campaigns

Whether your buyers are large industrial and manufacturing concerns, smaller business-to-business clients or end user consumers, we have the advertising solutions that meet your needs and bring qualified buyers to your auctions. We provide everything you need to deliver your message and promote your auction to the widest or most focused audience for the largest attendance and best results at your auction.

Auction Brochure Design

In many auctions, the Auction Brochure is the most important element of the campaign. The photography of the auction items, the accuracy and detail of the descriptions and the overall layout can have a profound impact on the outcome of the auction. Our graphic designers and art directors bring an experienced and keen eye to the creation of Auction Brochures that deliver informed buyers.

Media Planning

With ever-evolving options in tradition and new media, a clear media plan to intelligently determine where to spend your advertising dollars has never been more crucial. At SRI, we know where your customers are, and we use our vast network of media contacts get the best buys in the media that your buyers consume.

EBlast Campaigns

In today’s evolving world of digital communications, one of the most cost effective and immediate forms of advertising auctions is email. Using targeted lists, compelling content and convenient click-thru links, a series of EBlasts can inform and stimulate a field of qualified and motivated buyers.

Trade Marketing

When the potential customers for an auction are other businesses and large industrial and manufacturing companies, Trade Marketing is the way to go. We diligently research the publications and online sites where you will find the trade partners who want the merchandise you are auctioning.

Post Sale Analytics

It’s one thing to have a successful auction. But learning from that auction and being able to repeat the results is even better. Compiling Post Sale Analytics such as numbers of click-thrus on email blasts, web hits and other online statistics, SRI Advertising can help you identify what part of an advertising campaign were most successful in bringing buyers to your auction.