For over 20 years, SRI Advertising has specialized in finding the perfect marketing solution for auctioneers. We are experts in auction advertising. We target auction customers and optimize your results through our expert use of:

An effective Marketing Plan is a key to maximizing and leveraging your advertising dollars, guiding customers to your products and services, and an essential strategy to the character, growth and success of your business.

Email Marketing

In recent years, email has become the most popular and effective way to market a product, business or service directly to the target audience. Not only is email more environmentally friendly than the traditional mailing of printed materials, your customers can click through the email and go directly to your website. And at SRI, we have the ability to produce, distribute and manage your email marketing efforts in one place.


Everything you do as a company to uniquely identify and differentiate your business, product or service from that of your competitors is considered branding. We can help you define and refine your brand.

Search Engine Marketing

Unlike Search Engine Optimization, where you have to keep your fingers crossed and hope that your website will become a top hit on a web search, Search Engine Marketing, an emerging form of paid advertising, is an affordable and effective way to guarantee that your website is always within the top few hits on any web search.

Web Design

A comprehensive and user friendly website it a must for anyone doing business in today’s interactive world. Our Web Designers ensure that your message is translated to the web in a clean and clear website that is consistent with your unique brand and business identity.

Web Banners

Web Banners on websites related to your product or service are a cost-effective use of your advertising and marketing budget. When customers see our creative and eye-catching ad banners prominently displayed on a trusted web page, they can and will click through directly to your website.

Power Point Presentations

The audio-visual slide show has begun to replace the printed page as the main source of the standard corporate brochure. Our Power Point experts can craft a high impact media presentation for your every need.